Indah Warsetio: Building personal branding & educating through coaching

Indah Warsetio. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Indah Warsetio started her career 17 years ago. Since then, she has worked in various industries. This gives her the necessary skills for optimizing the development of HR potential. Before that, she came to Jakarta from a small town to further her education in Communications, specifically in Public Relations. What she learned in college spurred her to delve deeper into this science. When she graduated, Indah started as a sales and marketing staff member at Mugi Rekso Abadi (MRA), Indonesia’s biggest entertainment corporation. She specialized in lifestyle and entertainment sales for international giants like Walt Disney and Warner Bros. 

Indah’s first experience roused in her a love of the business world in general, and sales and marketing in particular. She is committed to improving her performance by polishing her image and building a network of trust throughout her career. Knowing that sales and marketing is the backbone of any company, she became interested in learning more about it and how to establish a solid sales and marketing strategic system. The longer she works in the field, the better she gets at the necessary skills required to achieve the Company’s target: improving how to communicate, how to negotiate, and projecting a strong visual image that wins competitions and achieves amazing targets. Her journey to train her strength and skills to what they are now has been a long one. Indah’s experiences brought many changes into her way of thinking and acting, to her attitudes. 

The world of sales & marketing is full of challenges. How a sales and marketing officer is able to affect the audience and make them desire what they offer is an art in itself. This is why Indah decided to further her knowledge and upgrade her skills in personal branding: the strength of any business lies within the quality of the people in it. The stronger the people and the more skillful they are, the more they bring in victory after victory for their Company. 

This is what spurs Indah to seek by herself all science and knowledge that can help a person to form a strong character. As she believes that a person’s strength lies in their perspective and thought patterns, Indah starts to learn self-development more deeply. The first certificate that she earned was for Personality Mapping from Stifin Institute. To gain it, she learned how the brain works, and how to recognize the unique and different strengths and advantages each individual mind has. When a person optimizes their own personal power, they are able to amaze each other. In order to be able to do so, they must be able to see themselves properly. To complement her knowledge, Indah gained a certification in Personal Image from AICI in Chicago, USA. With these two certificates, she became entrusted as a trainer and consultant who helps many employees in various companies improve themselves. 

Indah is now the Director of Versi Dinamika Kreasindo, an event and media agency company that she established in 2013. It has since evolved into a training and coaching provider. She also has a fashion retail business, as fashion is an important part of personal image and branding. She educates others in fashion by publishing Versi Magazine, a print magazine currently available in digital form. Journalism is an important world that helps her focus on her desire to inspire the nation. Indah is also the host presenter of the Perempuan Kita (“Our Women”) TV program, which is live streamed on Nusantara TV every Wednesday and Friday at 17.03 WIB. 

As for coaching, Indah is also a mentor and coach in the national musical talent incubation program at Trinity Optima Production. She has also helped corporate executives, professionals, and business owners create their own personal branding according to their individual personality strengths. She helps them change their careers, social levels, and appearance to match better what they are inside. “‘Personal branding’ is not about ‘showing off’ your skills. It’s more about how you ‘sell yourself’, how you showcase your innate qualities to others so that people will continue to consider you according to your worth at work. Creating personal branding requires a clear concept of ‘self’, which will allow you to project yourself clearly before others,” she said. “I always say this in any seminar or training I hold: By building personal branding, you train yourselves to be tough, persistent, and optimistic so that you will always find a way out – in your own way. They key of strong personal branding is consistency towards a positive self-image that generates good performance and provides benefits for others.” (Dsy)