House leaders urge Government to help end Israel-Palestine conflict

Protesters stage a demonstration in front of the U.S Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 18, 2021. They support Palestinians against Israeli attacks on East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. (Photo: Aslam Iqbal/IO)

IO – Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Sufmi Dasco Ahmad strongly condemns Israel for having caused the recent humanitarian tragedy in Palestine: “We are all concerned with the suffering of Palestinian citizens, and we strongly condemn Israel’s actions. This humanitarian tragedy should. be ended because too many innocent lives have been lost because of it,” Dasco said in his statement on Monday (17/5/2021). “To repeat, we condemn the Israeli military action, as it was both a humanitarian crime as well as a tragedy.”

Dasco went on to urge Indonesian citizens to support the Palestinian cause, using peaceful, civilized manners such as submitting petitions and praying, and not take to the streets. “All respect and support to Palestine aside, Indonesia still has its own battle to fight against the pandemic, and we need to strongly enforce the prohibition to gather in crowds for our own citizens’ safety.”

Separately, Speaker of the House Puan Maharani strongly condemns the recent Israeli military attack against Palestinian civilians on the Gaza Strip. “We condemn the attacks executed when Palestinian citizens were performing their religious duties as Muslims, both during the holy month of Ramadan and during the celebration of the holy day of Eid-el-Fitr,” Puan said in her written statement on Saturday (15/05/2021). “As fellow humans, we need to stop Israel from making further attacks against Palestine and provide humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine, including the priority aid of COVID-19 vaccine, health equipment and supplies, and food and water.”

Puan went on to say that Israel’s violent action has worsened political instabilities in the Middle East. “It is a great pity that right at the very moment the whole world needs to unite in peace to fight against the COVID-19 virus, the citizens of Palestine must also fight against Israeli annexation attempts,” she said. “We need to flip the latest Israel-Palestine affair into a momentum to restart more comprehensive and inclusive peace talks in line with international laws, UN resolutions, and the parameters of international consensus.”

Puan further encourages the Indonesian Government, as a member of the UN, to take a more active role in persuading Israel to stop its attacks and to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine, “Including reducing tensions and providing food and medicine,” she said. (Dessy)