Gioi; Bringing the taste of Indonesia to an exquisite level

The favorite main course menu in Gioi is Sambal Stingray and also the Crispy Wagyu Brisket which is the hallmark of the spice that is given is typical Indonesian food. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Finding a restaurant in the middle of the city of Jakarta that serves the typical taste of Indonesia is not difficult, but in the middle of the dense activity of the capital, a restaurant called Gioi presents a very different concept by serving Indonesian cuisine into the special tiers or arguably ‘luxury’. Located in the Senopati, South Jakarta, district Gioi is a restaurant that offers an Indonesian menu that combines Asian cuisine. Gioi is derived from Vietnamese language with the meaning of “well done” which became the basis for all things done in Gioi. That is, everything they serve to visitors has been done with the best ability, from the beginning of the process until finally presented on the table.

Decorations in the main dining room was quite unique, on the wall decorated with tampah-tampah arranged along the wall so as to give the impression of a classic as well as artsy. (photo: IO/Aldo)

Gioi has a dining room that is not too big. However, the comfortable atmosphere is immediately felt when you enter this restaurant which has been deliberately designed with a ‘homey’ concept. This is evident from the large desks like being in the dining room as well as the use of luxurious sofa chairs to spoil the visitors.

The decor used is quite unique, on the wall decorated with braided bamboo trays arranged along the wall so as to give the impression of a classic as well as artsy look. Delving into the food and beverage menu choices offered are quite diverse. For example Escargot Balado, Salmon Lodeh, Serundeng Rack of Lamb, and many more. When the Independent Observer visited this restaurant we tried to sample the main food of Sambal Stingray, Crispy Wagyu Brisket and one appetizer: Sriracha Chicken Wings.

Sriracha Chicken Wings are chicken wings sprinkled with Gioi signature spices with a slightly spicy and garlic-scented flavor. The way of presentation is unique. Initially chicken wings and spices are separated, then the two ingredients are put together into the jar, then shaken by the waiter directly in front of the consumer and served in a wide dish.

In the main menu section, what attracted our interest was the Sambal Stingray. This menu takes stingrays as the main ingredient that is seasoned with special spices served with a salad containing young coconut. The distinctive blend of Indonesian specialties with salad freshness does bring this cuisine to an absolute level of delicacy.

The combination of spicy and sour taste makes this Sambal Stingray one of Gioi’s favorite menus. Not only that, the last menu we tasted is Crispy Wagyu Brisket which is specially processed.

“Wagyu meat is roasted overnight with the technique of ‘slow cooked’, then fried using flour dough and smeared with sour chili sauce, and on the top is given chilli pickle and also bamboo shoot as a complement to the dish,” said one chef Gioi.

In addition to serving the typical Indonesian food menu presented differently, Gioi also uses raw materials such as vegetables and fruits that they plant themselves.

“We plant and pick ourselves for the vegetables we use to make sure we only use the best food, which is presented on the plate of every consumer,” said Intan Permatasari as PR Executive Gioi.

The presence of Gioi restaurant is enough to explain that Indonesian food has a variety of spices that can be adapted in various foods raw materials and suitable to be enjoyed beyond limits. To spend the weekend, the Independent Observer recommends this place as a restaurant that serves Indonesian food with a taste different from other restaurants. It is advisable to make a reservation in advance if you want to come to this restaurant especially on weekends. (Aldo)