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Getting to Know the Fading Tradition of Reading Old Sundanese Manuscripts in Ciamis


Jakarta, IO – The tradition of reading ancient Sundanese scripts was held at the Bojong Susuru site, Kertabumi village, Ciamis, Wednesday (2/8). This fading tradition was held again by the Pangauban Kwargian Nonoman Galuh youth organization with the theme ‘Nyawang Bulan di Mumunggang’, per detikcom, Saturday (5/8).

The tradition of reading ancient manuscripts was often done by the old generation of Sundanese people in Tatar Galuh Ciamis. The community always carries out the ritual in the fields before the rice harvest.

It usually begins with offerings. Then, the script was read out to accompany the traditional Gembyung art. The event was attended by members of the public from all walks of life.

Pangauban Kawargian Nonoman Galuh chairman Tendi Nugraha said this tradition contains a lot of philosophical values ​​so it deserves to be preserved. “We are bringing this tradition back for the first time, after it had disappeared,” said Tendi.

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Tendi said the tradition also serve to strengthen relations between the communities and to explore the values ​​contained in texts that had been passed down from generation to generation by the ancestors.

Tendi explained that the ancient text of Wawacan Sulanjana contains life wisdom ​​that are still relevant to be applied in modern life. One of them is to be grateful for the blessings that have been granted. (un)


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