Getting to know Balinese Village in Bekasi City


Jakarta, IO – In the middle of Bekasi City, there is a unique village called Kampung Bali. Unlike other villages, this village is decorated with ornaments and various patterns typical of the Island of Gods.

Kampung Bali is located at Merpati Bali Street, RT 11/RW 09, Harapan Jaya, North Bekasi. In the past, this village was like other villages. Around 1986, three Balinese people lived here. Now, there are 20 families and around 98 people of Balinese descent, per DetikTravel, Tuesday (12/9).

The increase in the number of Balinese dwellers is due to the early population inviting their relatives to live together. Apart from that, the affordable land in this location makes many Balinese people interested in living here.

“Previously, this land was paid in installments every three months,” said head of neighborhood unit Puji Lestari, Saturday (9/9).

The name “Bali” was originally given by the pedicab drivers who lived around the village, because many Balinese people lived here.

“People would tell the pedicab driver ‘Take me to Merpati Street’. ‘Oh, the one with lots of Balinese people?’ the pedicab driver would ask. Finally, in the 90s, it started to be known as Merpati Bali,” explained Puji.

Puji said he started making typical Balinese gates and jewelry for his own house around 1992. As time went by, it was followed by other Balinese and non-Balinese people who lived in the area.

“The others have been there for a long time. Slowly they have houses decorated with Balinese ornaments even though they are not Balinese,” he said.

Now, Kampung Bali has been widely publicized and visited by many people, including former West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. However, what is unique is that the popularity of Kampung Bali started during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“Mr Budi was cultivating catfish and at that time there was also hydroponics in the village growing spinach and mustard greens. At that time the assessment team finally came here and then saw the ornaments in this village and changed their assessment. Because at that time village tourism was going viral,” Puji said.

Finally, the assessors recommended that this village be registered as a tourist attraction.  However, Puji was hesitant because he thought this village was quite remote. However, Puji’s doubt was dispelled thanks to the viral Kampong Bali advertisement. Apart from the typical Balinese ornaments that are characteristic of this village, Balinese dances are also performed here. There is a Balinese dance studio called Nyariang Mas, as well as Balinese relief and ornament craftsmen. Tourists can also try typical Balinese dishes such as satay lilit and ayam betutu. (at)