FEB UI Voir Team takes 2021 National Brandstorm

The FEB UI Voir Team presenting the innovation to a national jury.

IO, Jakarta – The Voir Team from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) University of Indonesia (UI) consisting of Michael Abraham Hukom, Muhammad Hanif Permana and M. Alif Rizkia (students of management study program class of 2018) became National Winners in the 2021 L’Oreal Brandstorm event, held virtually on April 8. The competition was attended by 1,600 participants from 68 universities in Indonesia, as well as more than 65 other countries. The team that won the National Winner title will represent Indonesia in the global competition which will be held in Paris, France, next June. 

This year’s competition was aligned with the theme “Invent the Beauty Shopping Experience Through Entertainment”. The Voir FEB UI team, as the winner on the national level, succeeded in coming up with two innovative ideas for new beauty product shopping experiences. First, the interactive “Voir” application, one that allows visually-impaired customers to apply make-up with the help of other customers who are connected via in-app video calls. 

Second, the retail store brand “Urban Decay”, which can enhance the sensation of the make-up shopping experience into one full entertainment event by combining senses of hearing, smell and touch. The data obtained to make this application come from comprehensive research and analysis related to visual disturbances and color association, derived from institutional research, scientific work and independent surveys. 

This business innovation competition is held every year. To participate, each team consists of three active students in Indonesian universities, and each team is asked to choose innovative ideas, namely, goods and services, business models and entertainment experiences. The Voir team was supervised by Elevita Yuliati, a lecturer at the Department of Management FEB UI. Elevita said that she has been a mentor for similar events since 2015. 

“All the teams I’ve coached have been amazing, but the inclusive and memorable idea of Voir team allows visually-impaired people to share the fun and power of make-up. Congratulations to the Voir team for its achievements. You guys truly deserve this. Your struggle has just started and hopefully you can win in France later. Thank you also to the lecturers at the Department of Management of FEB UI for their extraordinary prayers and support. I want to accompany the Voir team from the start until it becomes an international champion,” Elevita said, as quoted by Ui.ac.id, Wednesday (14/4/2021). 

At the qualification stage, each team participating in the competition delivers a short presentation regarding the proposed idea. The organizers selected seven teams to enter the national final. Those seven teams presented their innovative ideas to the public, as well as the directors of L’Oreal Indonesia, with a maximum of 10 pages in 5 minutes. 

Winners at the national level will be allowed to join L’Oreal Indonesia and receive direct mentorship by the Management Committee before competing with other teams at the international level in May-June 2021. They will fight for the main prize: the Intrapreneurship Award for 3 months from the largest start-up campus in the world, Station F in Paris. 

Hanif said that this year, for the first time Indonesia has two National Winners, namely, the Voir Team and Get This Look, which will represent Indonesia in the international final. “We are grateful to all parties who have been involved and are very supportive of the Voir team. Hopefully, besides being able to boast about FEB UI and Indonesia, our innovation can be implemented to make the industry more inclusive and entertaining,” he said. (est)