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Farhan’s parents: “Police are crazy, small bullets, but deadly”


IO, Jakarta – Farhan Syafero is to be buried near the residence of his extended family in the Grogol-Limo sub-district, Depok, West Java, not far from his home. The family believes the 31-year-old young man was killed by a gunshot wound to his neck.

Farhan’s father, Syafri Alamsyah, claimed he did not expect that his second son would be killed in such a tragic way. However, Syafri felt proud because he believed Farhan was killed as a martyr.

“I am proud of my child, God willing, he was martyred for fighting for the truth. Police are crazy. It was a small bullet, but it was deadly as it punctured through (Farhan’s) neck. Evil police. That was a sharp bullet, it can be seen,” he said when met at the funeral home.

Syafri admitted that he last met Farhan a month ago when there was a recitation in Jakarta and at that time, he had no premonition. But before this incident, Syafri had a chat in one social media group that there would be casualties. “I said a few days ago in my community group, that there would be more deaths, and it happened to my child,” he said with tears in his eyes.

Even so, Syafri felt proud because he believed his child was killed in a state of martyrdom. “He is a good child, active in the Majelis Taklim, likes to join in Habaib too. God willing, he is martyred,” he said.

Farhan Syafero was one of the victims of the riots in Petamburan Jakarta, May 22, 2019. Moral support for the family continued to flow from various parties, one of which was shown by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan.

This can be seen from a wreath of condolences displayed in front of the funeral home on Jalan Pramuka, Gang Perintis RT 03/07, Kampung Rawa Kalong, Grogol Village, Limo District, Depok, West Java. (dsy)


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