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Citayam Fashion Week is back in action, showcasing school uniforms and Barbie-themed fashion


Jakarta, IO – Street fashion show Citayam Fashion Week (CFW) springs back to action near the Dukuh Atas MRT station, Jakarta, Monday (24/7).

The fashion choice of the youth who strut down the street crossing seems more varied this time, from formal school uniforms to bright, colourful Barbie-themed outfits, per Republika, Wednesday (26/7).

“Today’s costume is more formal. The second costume is prepared for next week, so that it will be more secret. Every week there will be (surprises) we will hold a more eccentric and bombastic outfit,” said one of the participants, Abdul “Ale” Sofi Allail.

Unlike Ale, another participant Andika “Dilan Bekasi” Ariseto chose to wear a high school uniform, a jeans jacket and a hat while carrying a cup of coffee. “I try to pick up the vibes of the surrounding,” he said.

On the same occasion, a YouTuber named Bebew admitted that this was the first time he participated in CFW. According to him, this activity allows young people to be recognized as well as an opportunity to express their creativity and improve their self-confidence through fashion.

“It’s really exciting turns out, last year I didn’t take part but this year trying to take part turned out to be really fun. And actually CFW is a place for the young generation who seek to channel their talents or passion,” said Bebew.

This time, the CFW received support from the Indonesian Artists Association (GSI) led by a senior artist Roy Marten.

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GSI Coordinator for Gen-Z and Millennials, Astrid, assessed that this time the CFW activities were more crowded than the previous day, Saturday (22/7) last night. The volunteers are also ready to develop it into a larger arts and cultural activity.

“In the future, this will become a routine activity every week. So, they will be here a community of street children, buskers. There will even be a street busker festival, street fashion festival, various cultural arts activities that can be developed,”  said Astrid. (at)


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