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Indonesia denounces Israel’s Rafah attack


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia has issued condemnation against Israel’s military offensive and the expulsion of Palestinians at the Rafah border. This was conveyed by the Indonesian Foreign Ministry (Kemenlu) via its X account, Tuesday (7/5).

The government says any attempt to forcefully evacuate the Palestinians, including from Rafah, is unacceptable and tantamount to a crime against humanity.

“Indonesia calls for immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza and the removal of all obstacles in the distribution of humanitarian aid,” the statement said.

The Israeli military said it had gained control of Gaza side of the Rafah crossing, situated in the south the Gaza Strip on Tuesday (7/5) morning, per CNN Indonesia, Wed (8/5).

It has been widely reported that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) carried out airstrikes in eastern Rafah after issuing orders for the evacuation of 100,000 Palestinians from part of the city earlier on Monday, triggering an exodus of thousands of people from the densely populated area.

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The international community, especially the UN Security Council, has also urged Israel to immediately stop its brutal crimes to prevent an even greater humanitarian disaster. Israel’s plan to invade Rafah has drawn wide opposition, even from the US, Israel’s closest ally.

Wael Abu Omar, a spokesman for the Palestinian Crossings Authority, said humanitarian aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip have effectively stopped due to the border closure. (un)


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