Bisma Toriq wins coal mining video competition

Bisma Toriq
Bisma Toriq Kuncoro Aji took a long time to prepare for a coal mining video competition. Photo: ITB

Bandung, IO – Bisma Toriq Kuncoro Aji, a student of Geological Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), won 1st place in the “Gramedia Back To Campus Video Competition 2021: Young People Talk about Coal Mining”. It is a formidable challenge to convey the goals and benefits of coal amid the negative connotations of mining in Indonesia. However, this was successfully achieved by Bisma (his nickname).

“This competition represents a combination of opinion delivery, presentation, and video skills, where participants are expected to produce a video with a maximum duration of five minutes to convey the function and purpose of coal mining, including the many negative connotations of coal mining for the country,” explained Bisma, as quote by, Wednesday (5/1/2021).

His preparation began with an opinion video, in the form of intelligence related to the functions and objectives of coal mining. The video explores various aspects of how practical coal mining is for Indonesia, pointing out how coal mining plays an important role. With high levels of coal production, Indonesia is one of the largest coal exporters in the world. In addition, the coal mining sector contributes to the country’s foreign exchange earnings and supports the Indonesian economy, both directly and indirectly.

“It took a long time to prepare for a competition of this magnitude – about two weeks. The time spent is mo devoted to research and extracting information to effectively and efficiently convey in less than five minutes. In addition, there is much preparation to think about the concept of videography, delivery, and presentation, and the remaining time used for taking video, editing, and finishing,” he explained.

Although successful in winning first place, that does not mean he carried it off without obstacles. According to Bisma, he has limitations in video-editing, which is quite influential in his belief in continuing the competition. Another obstacle was the relatively short time allowed for producing and editing videos. He was thus forced to think of an effective and good concept to convey ideas in the best possible way.

“There are several scoring criteria in this competition, among them being Editing, Transitions, Social Media Engagement, Materials, and Delivery. Incidentally, the jury includes experts on these criteria, with jury members from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, UMN lecturers, and the Head of News Anchor Kompas TV,” concluded Bisma. (*/est)