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Believed to be part of a syndicate, this is how Iwan Sumarno kidnaps a child


Jakarta, IO – Iwan Sumarno, 42, a scavenger and former convict who allegedly kidnapped a child was finally arrested on Monday (2/1) around 9.30pm WIB by the Central Jakarta Police with his victim, identified as MA, 6, in Ciledug, South Tangerang, reported BBC Indonesia, Tuesday (3/1).

“The victim was found inside a cart used by the perpetrator,” said Central Jakarta Police Chief Senior Superintendent Komarudin. Currently the victim is undergoing physical and psychological examination at the Kramat Jati Police Hospital.

The perpetrator told investigator that he lured the victim by persuading them to look for used goods. So far, the police are still investigating the motive.

Azam Khan, the lawyer representing the family of the victim, argued that the perpetrator had acted professionally in tricking the victim. “He offered drink and treats while observing potential victims to be kidnapped,” said Azam.

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The perpetrator is also known to a former convict in a child molestation case. Thus, Azam urged the police to expand the investigation because it is likely there are more than one victims.

“And he must also have a syndicate, a gang, with whom he could share the ransom. There could be someone who financed it.” (rr)


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