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Atma Jaya students hold remembrance of Semanggi I tragedy 24 years ago


Jakarta, IO – To remember the 24 years of Semanggi I tragedy that happened on November 13, 1998, Atma Jaya Catholic University students sowed flowers in the courtyard of the university’s park on Monday (11/14).

Observerid.com saw a number of students from various faculties delivered various speeches. They shouted slogans such as “Long live the victim, don’t be silent, fight!” and held a banner that read “Against impunity. Who killed me?”

Oka, a representative from the Community Service Department of the Student Senate of the Faculty of Law in his opening speech said that the activity was part of remembrance and protest against the slow judicial process.

“Nobody ever thought that their relatives, their children, their siblings would die 24 years ago, we stand here to remember that. This is not the first time we have stood here, we have done this many times, I hope that next year we will not do this again because someone would have been brought to court,” said Oka.


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