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“Athletes uphold the nation’s reputation and inspire a future generation”


Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, General Chairman of the Indonesian Wing Chun Federation

Jakarta, IO – The 2023 Indonesian National Wing Chun Championship was successfully held on 10-12 November at the Walisongo National Islamic University, Semarang. Indonesian Wing Chun athletes have shown excellent potential, especially after having won three consecutive general championships in the Wing Chun World Championship organized by the World Wing Chun Federation Ving Tsun Athletic Association (“VTAA”) in 2016, 2017, and the latest, in October 2022 in Hong Kong. 

This achievement must be maintained, and even improved. This requires attention not just from the athletes themselves and the Government, but private enterprises and the community at large must also be involved in the growth and development of Wing Chun in Indonesia. 

“The athletes’ success in maintaining the title of General Champion in international championships is proof of their amazing dedication, hard work, and fighting spirit. Not only do they uphold the nation’s reputation, they also inspire future generations to go after their dreams in martial arts,” declared Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, General Chairman of the Indonesian National Wing Chun Federation and Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. 

Other than expressing his appreciation to the athletes, Yaqut also acknowledged Aice Group for their consistency in supporting the development of Indonesian Wing Chun, especially in terms of encouraging the cultivation of new, talented young athletes and. “Their support greatly contributes to the development of martial arts in Indonesia I hope that more people and businesses become inspired by their efforts in backing our sports, especially in cultivating new, young athletes and talents in our country,” he said. 

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“Aice Group is committed to continued development of sports in Indonesia, including the martial art Wing Chun. We believe that sports is not just about competing, but also about discipline, dedication, and passion. We also constantly strive to spread cheer and maintain health through our carefully-made ice cream,” declared Sylvana Zhong, Aice Group Senior Brand Manager. “The year 2023 is the second year Aice has become involved in the support of Wing Chun events in Indonesia, specifically the Wing Chun National Championship. Aice understands that Wing Chun is a martial art that focuses on technique, focus, and balance. This is similar to Aice’s own philosophy of prioritizing quality, innovation, and dedication in each of its products. We are also committed to the support of a healthy lifestyle for all Indonesians. This is why we fully support the growth and development of all sports in Indonesia, including the martial art Wing Chun,” she said. (rp)


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