As “money politics” accusations fly, PSI politician reported to Police

Rian Ernest. (photo:

IO, Jakarta – Chairman of the PAN-Democrat Party of Regional Representative Council (DPRD) DKI Jakarta Taufiqurrahman officially reported Deputy Chairperson of DKI Jakarta PSI Rian Ernest to the Metro Jaya Regional Police, following allegations of payoffs in the election of a DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor (to replace Sandiaga Uno).”My report was received today by the Metro Jaya Regional Police, and I personally hope that the process will run smoothly, and the law will be properly enforced,” Taufiq told reporters at the Metro Jaya Regional Police, Jakarta, Thursday (18/7/2019).

Taufiq submitted the report together with two legal counsel teams – a complicated process as he had to coordinate with investigators.“First we needed to work out – together with officials – whether this came under the ITE Law or not. It was determined that it was covered under the general cyber section, so it is a crime,” he declared.

He also referred to the submission of evidence, both in the form of statements reported to the media and videos.  

The reporter in this matter was Taufiq himself and the person reported was Rian Ernest.Taufik said he regretted certain statements attributed to Rian Ernest, saying Rian Ernest should have lodged a report with law enforcement agencies if he was aware of money politics, not spreading issues through the media.What’s more, Taufik considered Rian Ernest’s statement was potentially slanderous.  

As a member of the DKI DPRD, Taufik also felt slandered.”Spreading stories in the media tends to be slander; I thus feel compromised. I am a member of DKI DPRD, elected with 9,890 votes. I thus feel I must take responsibility,” he explained.The report was accepted and filed under number LP / 4341 / VII / 2019 / PMJ / Dit.  Reskrimum dated July 18, 2019. The article reported is about defamation, slander or broadcasting news or false news, intentionally arousing confusion; it falls under Article 310, Paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code or Article 311, Paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code or Article 14 Paragraph (1.2) Law number 1 of 1945 concerning regulation of criminal law. PSI reportedly assessed the selection process of a DKI Deputy Governor as ‘vulnerable’, claiming to know of alleged payoffs in the election of a replacement for Sandiaga Uno.”PSI Jakarta considers that the process of selecting a Jakarta Deputy Governor to replace the current office-holder Sandiaga Uno is very vulnerable to the emergence of money influence behind the scenes,” 

Rian Ernest stated in a written statement to reporters.”We were advised that there was a series of conspiracies in determining quorum requirements for the DKI Jakarta Deputy Governor’s election meeting which had to be paid off with a certain sum,” Rian declared.Rian is ready to be reported to police regarding the issue, saying that this is a consequence he has to accept. (dsy)