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ADGI Makassar Chapter: Graphic Design Association expands into eastern Indonesia


Jakarta, IO – In stretching and strengthening the Indonesian graphic design community, the Indonesian Graphic Design Association (ADGI) has officially inaugurated ADGI Makassar. Launching its newest chapter lays the foundation for ADGI to advocate for and develop the graphic design industry across Indonesia, particularly in the nation’s eastern region. 

ADGI Makassar Chapter will serve as a creativity and innovation hub, providing a platform for graphic designers in Sulawesi and surrounding areas to collaborate, share knowledge, and enhance their skills. ADGI Makassar Chapter exists to inspire graphic designers’ professional growth and strengthen the design community network in the eastern region. 

“Expanding ADGI’s coverage to the eastern region of Indonesia will not only impact professional graphic designers, but we also expect to raise awareness among service users and all stakeholders on how important it is to implement proper and effective graphic design knowledge,” stated Ritchie Ned Hansel, the Chairman of ADGI. 

The ADGI Makassar Chapter was inaugurated on Thursday, January 11, 2024, at the University of Ciputra, Makassar, where ADGI Chairman Ritchie Ned Hansel also appointed Rahmat Zhulfikar as the Chairman of ADGI Makassar Chapter for the 2024-2026 office term. 

“This is a new chapter for Makassar and Eastern Indonesia; it represents significant momentum for us, fellow graphic designers,” said Rahmat. “ADGI Makassar will present regular and diverse programs to reach as many graphic designers as possible,” he added. 

One of the ADGI Makassar Chapter’s programs is “Temu Tamu,” a discussion forum for graphic designers in Sulawesi and surrounding areas, featuring speakers from different regions, including officials from other ADGI chapters. ADGI Makassar Chapter also plans to conduct various programs, including training sessions, seminars and networking activities, to support and develop design talents in Eastern Indonesia. (des)


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