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Adelle Jewellery’s 10-year anniversary


Jakarta, IO – Adelle Jewellery celebrates its tenth anniversary, as a shining part of the jewelry industry in Indonesia. Adelle Jewellery invites its loyal customers to experience the Adelle Hotel and seize the precious and unforgettable moments. Adelle Jewellery offers never-before-seen jewelry industry service, as good as the service of a five-star hotel. Adelle Hotel opened for three days, from November 10th to 12th, 2023, at Ganara Art Space Level 6, Plaza Indonesia, having been made possible thanks to the support of several partners, including BRI, DFactory, Maxindo and Nuansa Concept.

The Adelle Hotel experience started as guests arrived at the location. A train wagon with animations welcomed and transported guests to an extraordinary experience and treated them to a variety of must-not-miss indoor activities. Following this excitement, guests were escorted to the Diamond Vault, to enjoy the first jewelry-immersive experience in Indonesia, amid rooms with hotel-themed interiors that were undoubtedly photo-worthy spots. Adelle Jewellery also presented a special fairy-themed storytelling session for children, decorated with Adelle’s first children’s collection, the Fairy Collection.

The event was open to the public, particularly its loyal customers, and presented Indonesia’s famous fashion designer, Julianto, on Friday, November 10, 2023. Julianto showcased his brand new collection, wrapped in an exciting concept. In the evening, diamond jewelry enthusiasts enjoyed a bartender show, featuring exclusively-crafted drinks for Adelle Jewellery’s anniversary, along with a DJ performance by Patricia Schuldtz. Adelle also offered a romantic jazz performance on Saturday.

For its jewelry customers who had made purchases jewelry since November 2022, Adelle provided prizes, with the grand prize being a Mercedes-Benz A-200 Progressive Line, with Patricia Gouw as the MC for the prize drawing to enliven the show. “We aim to provide new experiences and appreciation for our loyal customers,” said Jennifer Lovenia, CMO of Adelle Jewellery.

Adelle Jewellery’s fascinating collaboration with the Foresee Gemological Institute

On the occasion, Adelle Jewellery also announced notable partnerships with the Foresee Gemological Institute, an institution that certifies diamonds and precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Even diamonds sized 0.3 carats and below will be complemented with certification from Foresee.
Foresee Lab conducts certification on diamonds, with checks and assessment to transparently elaborate on the diamonds’ quality in detail. Every certified diamond and precious stone will have accurate information in the certificate that includes a certification date, certification code number, and the size of the diamond or precious stone. Foresee’s diamond assessment focuses on four main criteria: carat, color, cut, and clarity. The assessment result and additional information provide important information for customers to accurately confirm stone specifications and quality.

“Together with Foresee, Adelle Jewellery provides certification even for diamonds below 0.3 carats. Foresee assesses diamonds based on their quality, according to globally recognized standards, prioritizing transparency and accuracy,” said Alvin Wijaya, founder of Foresee Gemological Institute. Diamond enthusiasts can digitally verify the authenticity of each diamond and precious stone certified by Foresee Gemological Institute, by entering the certification code on the official website, www.Foresee-Lab.com, or by scanning the QR code listed on the certificate, using a smartphone or tablet.

“Collaborating with Foresee is Adelle’s new service for our customers. We want customers to feel more confident when buying diamond jewelry with Foresee certification, especially for diamonds below 0.3 carats in size,” said Michelle Lo, CPO of Adelle Jewellery.

A diamond festival for jewelry enthusiasts

Adelle Jewellery presented its various new collections for all occasions, as well as ones that were dubbed fashion icons. The latest collection, “L.A. State of Mind,” is inspired by Los Angeles’ modern fashion style.

“The design of Adelle’s collection is inspired by various simple things in our daily lives. These can bring out the best visual beauty if we dig deeper into them,” said Michelle Lo, CPO of Adelle Jewellery.

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Apart from the “L.A. State of Mind,” the next latest collection was “Significant,” a special diamond jewelry collection designed for young, urban and modern men. The significant design is inspired by simple, manly elements such as screws and nuts, yet it highlights the person’s strong character. Adelle Jewellery also presents timeless series, featuring Eternal Flame diamonds, including the Rose D’Amour, I Promise, and Lexicon of Diamond collections.

Jewelry enthusiasts enjoyed the dazzling and stunning view of Adelle’s diamonds and precious stones during the Adelle Hotel event. A part of the sales profit during the event will be donated to Happy Hearts Indonesia to support school construction in East Nusa Tenggara. (des)


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