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A hot medical tourism destination


Hasni Hutagalung and Mustafa Karadede
Hasni Hutagalung and Mustafa Karadede. (Source: ACIBADEM)

Four Hours 

Furthermore, candidate patients need only bring their medical records with them for treatment. “We will help patients from the first day they apply for health services, until they return to Indonesia. This includes setting up treatment plans and schedules, setting up the medical travel, and managing communication for further followups with the doctor. Another advantage: you don’t need a visa to enter Turkey. If a patient requires a treatment duration of 30 days or more, we will help take care of the stay extension as well,” Hasni said. 

More Indonesian patients know Turkey through esthetic medical procedures like plastic surgeries and hair transplants, indulged in by celebrities such as Kevin Aprilio. Hair transplant therapy fees range USD 1,800.00- USD 3,000.00. “The process takes up to four hours, and the patient should return for follow up consultations once every six months,” Hasni said. 

Acibadem Healthcare Group offers multiple high-quality medical treatments, including therapies for cancer, heart issues, in vitro fertilization, transplants (liver, kidney, marrow), spinal issues, orthopedics and sports medicine (approved by FIFA). “Most Indonesian patients come to us for cancer treatments and liver and marrow transplants,” Mustafa Karadede of Acibadem Headquarters in Turkey said. (est)


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