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Unpad Softball Team seizes Redfox National Championship XVII


IO, Bandung – The Baseball and Soft­ball Team (UBSU) from Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) successfully won first place in the Redfox National Championship XVII at Lodaya Soft­ball Field, Bandung, last month.

The Unpad men’s team defeat­ed the Bandung Islamic University team, with a score of 7-1, while the Unpad women’s team succeeded in defeating the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia team with a score of 13-7.

Besides winning the trophy, Un­pad team members also managed to win individual awards. Julian Setia Alyana from the men’s team and Le­tia Nurviola from the women’s team won the “The Most RBI” award and not just one: Letia won the women’s MVP award. Another award was giv­en to Talitha Nessie who won the Best Slugger award.

The men’s team members who competed in the national inter-uni­versity championships were Muham­mad Ilham Akbar Diviansyah (FEB), Dyastra Lazuardi Sundara (FEB), Andika Amin Pamungkas (FEB), Er­vanda Fairuz Munajat (FH), Muham­mad Naufal Rahman (Fikom), Fauzan Azhar (Fikom), and Julian Setia Alya­na (Fikom), Dias Dwinanda T (Fikom), A. Ronaldo Oktaviandra (Fikom), Lut­fi Budiman (Fikom), Rifqo Kavin Viali (FISIP), M. Titan (FISIP), Rafdhan Diaz Zahrandika (FK), Aditya Hakim (FK), Aditya Nugraha (FK), Delvian Ikhsan (FMIPA), Fakhri Aminnudin (FMIPA), Agris Rakha (FMIPA), and Muham­mad Izzi Kusfawzan (FTIP).

The women’s team consisted of Dahlia Florencia M (Faperta), Letia Nurviola (FEB), Diva Zahra Arifiyani P (FH), Chantique Milenisaa (FH), Talitha Nessie (FIB), Putri Oktaviani Tahira (FIB), Sherlyta Bintang K (Fi­kom) , Azalia Shalsabila A (Fikom), Aisyah Janna Ramira (Fikom), Ta­litha Neysa (FISIP), Dinda Zahrotul F (FISIP), Nadhira Danastri (FISIP), Raden Lula Fadhilah (FISIP), Adhika Ramadhanti (FISIP), Maharani Wise Vidya, Maharani Wise (FK), Salma Fauziandini (FTG), and Khifa Bayu Praditha (FTIP).

Muhammad Naufal Rahman, as the Captain of the men’s team, ex­plained that the preparations for join­ing the championship were very short due to the busy schedule of each per­son from various faculties, who found it difficult to arrange a joint training schedule. “We prepared in just two weeks by practicing on the Unpad Red Square,” he said when met by the Unpad Public Communication Office, late last month.

Similar conditions were experi­enced by the women’s team. Accord­ing to Talitha Nessie, captain of the women’s team, to strengthen team members and to establish cohesive­ness, the team not only trains togeth­er in the field: cohesiveness is also strengthened outside the field.

“We held a gathering with team members outside the field, even though it was just a meal together. The aim is to strengthen team mem­bers oneness,” said Talitha.

One member of the men’s team, Diaz, said that the victory of the Un­pad team was initially unexpected, especially since before it both the men’s team and women’s team had lost in the semifinals. As there was a rematch, Unpad men’s and women’s teams finally made it to the final and became champions and created the “Double Champions”.

In addition to the results of the hard work of all team members, the victory of the Unpad team was fully supported by the Unpad Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Manager of Academic and Student Affairs at the faculty, Dr. Mohamad Nurzaman, Drs., M.Sc., who was also present at the interview session, explained that he was guarding this team to the end of the match.

“From the beginning, we always discussed our plan with manage­ment, and made sure all the require­ments for administrative purposes could run smoothly,” said Dr. Nur­zaman. With the victory of this team, they hope to be able to maintain the title of “champion” in coming years. For this reason, routine training for technical mastery and the regenera­tion of team members is always em­phasized. (*/est)


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