UIN Jakarta collaborates with RSJH to create teaching hospital

UIN Jakarta Rector Amany Lubis and RSHJ President Director Syarief Hasan Lutfie. (photo: UIN)

IO, Tangerang Selatan – UIN Jakarta will collaborate with Jakarta Haji Hospital (RSHJ) to create a teaching hospital for its medical students.

UIN Jakarta Rector Amany Lubis, when meeting with RSHJ President Director Syarief Hasan Lutfie in the Rectorate Building on Thursday (31/1/2019) afternoon, stated that the collaboration with RSHJ was important, remembering that until now the University’s Faculty of Medicine did not have its own teaching hospital. The Rector stated that RSHJ had a good reputation, followed Sharia regulations, and was accredited.

“In order to increase the quality of service and quality of Faculty of Medicine alumni, God willing, UIN Jakarta will soon work together with RSHJ,” said the Rector.

The Rector stated that UIN Jakarta’s Faculty of Medicine had in fact already worked together with several hospitals in Jakarta and in the outer regions. However, he believed that collaboration should still be useful as a means to improve the quality of the University’s future doctors.

“Right now, there are 12 hospitals that have worked together with UIN Jakarta. The collaboration with RSHJ – I think it is good for improving the Faculty of Medicine as it does not yet have a teaching hospital,” the Rector said.

RSHJ President Director Syarief Hasan Lutfie welcomed the collaboration with UIN Jakarta’s Faculty of Medicine. The collaboration would be established mainly to accelerate the process of getting the faculty accredited.

Syarief stated that RSHJ was both worthy and fulfilled the requirements of becoming a teaching hospital. RSHJ could help the faculty’s students during medical practice training and research.

“Having said that, before there was ever any cooperation, many medical students trained in RSHJ. When the collaboration starts, certainly we will develop and expand that,” explained Syarief, who is also a lecturer at UIN Jakarta’s Faculty of Medicine.

According to Syarief, RSHJ is currently owned by the Ministry of Religion. As a result, the decision would be up to the Ministry. Whether or not the Ministry would be interested or not in working together with UIN Jakarta was not yet confirmed.

“So, on the issue of how RSHJ is managed in the future, we leave that fully to the Ministry of Religion,” he said.

The discussions between the RSHJ President Director and the UIN Jakarta Rector were carried out in a closed meeting. The UIN Jakarta Rector was accompanied by Faculty of Medicine Decan Hari Hendarto while the RSHJ President Director was accompanied by General and Financial Director Zakaria and Service Director Sayid Ridho.

According to notes from BERITA UIN Online, RSH is one of four Haji Hospitals in Indonesia, with the others being RSH Medan, RSH Makassar, and RSH Surabaya. The four RSH were built in commemoration of the victims of the 1990 Al-Ma’aisim tunnel tragedy in Mecca which took the lives of more than 600 Indonesian Muslims. (UIN Public Relations)