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Trakindo enforces heavy equipment digital transformation


Jakarta, IO – Technological disruption poses both a challenge and an opportunity for the growth of various industrial sectors in the future. Businesses need to adjust their systems to survive and adapt to changing times. As a provider of Caterpillar heavy equipment solutions in Indonesia, PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo) introduces the Bincang PERSpektif talkshow to discuss “Digital Transformation for Optimal Business Performance” to accelerate digital transformation across various industrial sectors. It is a collaborative effort to find the best solutions for industries to thrive in the era of disruption. 

Chief Administration Officer of Trakindo, Yulia Yasmina, explained in her speech that Trakindo’s commitment to “Advancing You Forward” supports customer productivity by enhancing stakeholders’ capabilities and performance, including customers and employees. “Trakindo recognizes the significant potential of technological advancements in transforming industries and changing human lives. Technological developments include the digital economy, big data, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Bincang PERSpektif serves as a discussion platform to find the best solutions for industries’ continued growth. Bincang PERSpektif addresses important issues; in this edition, we focus on “Digital Transformation for Optimal Business Performance,” stated Yulia. 

COO and co-founder of Corporate Innovation Asia Consulting (CIAS), M. Taufik Mardian, welcomed the Bincang PERSpektif talkshow, which highlighted digital transformation. He continued to explain that digital transformation is crucial for companies to compete and create added value for customers. According to research from Boston Consulting Group, 70 percent of the digital transformations conducted by the companies failed to meet their targets. “Despite being a necessity, we all realize that starting a digital transformation is not an easy task. The management role in building comprehension and raising employees’ involvement is pivotal to increasing a company’s performance. Optimal business performance consists of operational efficiency improvement, innovative products and services, and market expansion,” said Taufik. 

Chairman of the Indonesian Heavy Equipment Single Agent Association (PAABI), Etot Listyono, stated that PAABI agrees with implementing digital transformation in the heavy equipment industry. An internal survey by PAABI showed that 100 percent of PAABI respondents agreed that digital transformation is in line with the company’s improved business performance. About 77 percent of digital transformation in companies covers internal and external needs. Despite the implementation, only 54 percent of respondents have succeeded, while the rest, 46 percent, admit that digital transformation has not been optimally implemented for various reasons, including limited infrastructure in remote areas.

“PAABI enthusiastically welcomes digital transformation. Therefore, we encourage our members to keep adapting and maximizing digital technology to provide a positive value and improve the company’s business performance,” expressed Etot. Digital transformation is in line with one of Trakindo’s core values: sustainable development. Trakindo consistently adapts digital technology to improve employees’ performance and customer service. Trakindo has developed two main applications based on their target users: applications for internal (employees) and external (customers). 

The Digital & Information Technology Manager at Trakindo, Ari Widayanti, also explained that Trakindo’s digital transformation aims to enhance customer service. The applications focus on three main aspects: digital solutions, connectivity, and productivity. Trakindo also introduced Parts.cat.com for Caterpillar spare parts’ official sales tailored to Indonesian customers’ needs. Meanwhile, the VisionLink application aims to improve connectivity, where Trakindo assists customers in managing their heavy equipment units, ensuring maximum operational hours, low operational costs, and optimal operation. For productivity, the CAT Inspect application is beneficial for downloading and completing inspections, equipped with photos, videos, and comments. “Based on our experience, communication and coordination are the key elements needed to build understanding between the company and customers, which in the end will help customers adapt to the new systems,” explained Ari Widayanti. 

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To increase the human resources potential, Trakindo has successfully developed the THRU Application, which encompasses company information and administration, including HR needs in managing leaves, health insurance, attendance and business trips. Trakindo’s General Manager of Human Resources, Ferry M. Butarbutar, explained that the THRU Application serves as a one-stop solution application to provide convenience for more than 7,800 Trakindo employees spread across Indonesia. This enables them to easily access office administration requirements through their mobile phones. “This application is highly beneficial for us because no employee can always stand by their laptops, especially those with field duties. It is important for us to build employees’ understanding of how to implement and use the application systems,” Ferry concluded. (des/ast)


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