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Top three political parties with the highest electability


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PDIP stands out with an electability rate of 24.7 percent, followed by Gerindra with 11.9 percent and PKB with 9.8 percent.

In a survey released on Apr. 24, Populi Center conveyed that PDIP placed first with 19.3 percent, followed by Gerindra in second place with 11.6 percent and Golkar in third place with 11.3 percent. 

PKB followed with 6.8 percent, Democratic Party with 6.7 percent and lastly, PKS with 5.1 percent). 

Meanwhile, the Trust survey released on Jan. 31, 2022, showed that PDIP gained the highest electability at 21.8 percent, followed by Gerindra with 17.3 percent and Golkar with 10.6 percent. (des)


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