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The 2024 Jonas Brothers’ successful tour


Jakarta, IO – The Jonas Brothers Tour Concert was successfully held at ICE, BSD City, South Tangerang on Saturday night, February 24, 2024. The concert marked the Jonas Brothers’ debut performance before an Indonesian audience. 

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas took the stage at 8.18 p.m. following Putri Ariani’s performance for the opening act. The trio kicked off the stage with “What a Man Gotta Do,” when the entire audience cheered hysterically. The audience immediately sang along to “S.O.S.,” “Hold On,” and “Goodnight and Goodbye.” 

The Jonas Brothers took a moment to greet their fans and share their impressions of Jakarta, which is a special city to the band. “It is so good to be here tonight. Jakarta, we love this beautiful city,” said Nick from the stage. 

Nick also confirmed that the Jonas Brothers were thrilled to share their concert with their Indonesian fans. They promised to keep the hype up throughout the concert. “It is so special to be here to celebrate the journey of the Jonas Brothers. We will celebrate all five albums’ journeys here,” said Nick. 

The next songs were performed medley-style, including “Still in Love With You,” “Australia,” “Hollywood,” “Just Friends,” and “Games.” 

Kevin asked the audience to light their phones and flashlights when they sang the sweet “When You Look At Me in the Eyes.” 

The Chairman of Prestige Promotions, Rudy Salim, expressed his commitment to enhancing the quality of Indonesian entertainment to attract foreign tourists. “The goal is to keep Indonesian music enthusiasts from going abroad; instead, foreign tourists can come to Indonesia to enjoy concerts and other entertainment here,” said Rudy. 

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“Jonas Brothers: The Tour 2024 was amazing; thank you everyone for going to the concert,” added Untung Pranoto, CEO of Prestige Promotions. 

On the same occasion, David Ananda, Managing Director of Color Asia Live, extended his gratitude to Prestige Promotions and all Jonas Brothers fans in Indonesia who sang along with Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. 

“We hope this concert will fulfill the longing for the Jonas Brothers’ concert. Meeting them in person was a memorable moment for everyone,” he concluded. (des)


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