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Suspected of being a radical, Ustaz Syafiq Basalamah’s gathering in East Java dispersed


Jakarta, IO – GP Ansor (the youth organization of Nahdlatul Ulama) and Banser (GP Ansor’s civilian security guards) dispersed Ustaz Syafiq Riza Basalamah’s pengajian (religious gathering where Muslims study the Quran) at the Assalam Purimas Mosque, Gunung Anyar, Surabaya, East Java, Thursday (22/2).

GP Ansor Gunung Anyar chief Asyiqun Nahdli explained that one of the reasons for the rejection was because Syafiq Basalamah’s pengajian has been deemed radical, per CNNIndonesia, Fri (23/2).

“Meanwhile, Gunung Anyar is home to an Islamic boarding school with the nahdliyin character,” said Asyiqun, adding that the activity can potentially lead to frictions in society and disrupt the religious harmony in Gunung Anyar because it is incompatible with the values held by the local residents.

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“We have no problem with his figure but we have problem with his principles in preaching because he is judgemental toward other groups,” he said.

Asyiqun explained that before the event GP Ansor had sent a letter of rejection to the administrators of the mosque. After mediation facilitated by the Gunung Anyar Police, all parties agreed to make some changes to the activities. However, according to him, Syafiq broke the consensus. (un)


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