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Sombori Island’s virgin beach, a hidden gem of beauty


IO – Indonesia has a lot of beautiful natural scenery that is worth visiting. Amongst the many natural attractions, it turns out there are still some hidden ones, one of them being Sombori Island. This island, which is located in the area of ​​Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi, is considered a tourist destination similar to Raja Ampat, Papua. Carrying this title, the Government of Central Sulawesi continues to highlight Sombori Island to further attract domestic and foreign tourists. The Governor of Central Sulawesi also invited the community to maintain the cleanliness and preservation of the environment around the island, dubbed the “Sultan’s Raja Ampat”.

The island is located in Mbokita Village, Menui District, Morowali, Central Sulawesi, a marine conservation area covering 41,342 hectares. One of the advantages of this island is its underwater nature that can spoil the eyes of tourists who spend time diving. In Sombori, you will find various colors and shapes of coral, and white sand spread along the coastline. If you’re lucky, you can also see hordes of dolphins or whale sharks chasing fish. To travel to Sombori Islands the journey starts from Kendari. Then, proceed to Molore Harbor, a land journey of around five hours. From the port, it takes about two hours by boat to arrive at Sombori Islands. Fatigue from the distance will be paid for with the scenery presented throughout this trip.

Known as the Raja Ampat of Sulawesi, in fact Sombori does have a resemblance to the exotic island in Papua. One of them is surrounded by several small islands. Some are inhabited by fishermen and there are also uninhabited islands. To feel a natural atmosphere like at Raja Ampat Misool, you can go to Tebing Kayangan to enjoy the Sombori panorama and take photos of the cliff scenery decorated with clear water, mixed with green and blue. It’s not easy to reach Tebing Kayangan, because tourists have to climb steep cliffs which are granite and coral rocks. Nor is there a flat place to stand. However, the struggle will certainly pay off in full with the views obtained.

From Tebing Kayangan, you can go to Dua Darat Island and Dua Laut Island. Pulau Dua Laut has the best diving spots, namely, Aquarium Point, to see coral reefs and colorful fish. Like an aquarium, you can see the contents of the sea from a glass boat. You also just have to snorkel, no need to go diving, to enjoy the underwater beauty of the Aquarium Point. If you want to relax enjoying the atmosphere of the beach, you can go to Koko Island, which is known as the wave of its coconut trees. The water on Koko Island is also very clear, until small fish swimming is clearly visible.

Not only the natural beauty of the beach – another activity that is mandatory while in Sombori is exploring caves. One of them is the Diamond Cave has a stalactite that glows like a diamond when exposed to light. The height of the Diamond Cave is about 10 meters above sea level. To reach this location, you have to climb a rock with a slope of 70-80 degrees. Another cave in Sombori is the Skull Cave at the height of a cliff 40 meters above sea level. Inside it is said to have a human skull that has no known origin. Bajo people also become an attraction when traveling to Sombori. Tourists can see the daily lives of residents known as tough sailors. You can even learn to swim with Bajo people who can dive freely without any breathing equipment.

Once again due to limited time, I was forced to end the tour to Sombori. But on the way back to Kendari, on the boat there was still God’s creation in the form of a beautiful sunset that was shown to me. What an amazing sight that closes the day more beautifully. Hopefully someday I can come back to see one of God’s natural paradises, as there are still many places that can be explored again. For those of you who want to experience the beauty of nature and also learn about the culture of Sombori Island, there is no harm in visiting Morowali, Central Sulawesi. (Aldo)


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