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Sociodrama “Gelora Bangsa” by Reenactor Bangor at Formulation of Proclamation Text Museum

Jakarta, IO – The Formulation of Proclamation Text Museum presented a sociodrama performance in entitled “Gelora Bangsa” by players from Reenactor Bangor, Tuesday (16/8).

The sociodrama tells the story of Indonesian freedom fighters who fought against the invaders to attain the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

Through the show, it is hoped that the younger generation can draw inspiration from national heroes.

This event is one of the series of events of the Independence Proclamation Commemoration to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence.

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A number of artists played the role of heroes and invaders. It also re-enacted the scene when the independence proclamation was read out by Indonesia’s first president Soekarno. (Muhamad Hidayat)

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