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Rindu Rasul Exhibition, reliving the Prophet’s life


Jakarta, IO – Islamic history cannot be separated from the grand figure of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. In welcoming and celebrating Ramadan, Muslims must not miss the rare opportunity of this Rindu Rasul exhibition at the At-Tin Grand Mosque in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), East Jakarta, which is taking place until April 14, 2023. 

The Al-Qur’an Indonesia Peduli Foundation and Al-Qur’an Maktabah Al-Fatih Publisher are hosting the exhibition, which features twentyfour items from the Prophet’s and his companions’ belongings. 

The Chairperson of the Rindu Rasul Exhibition, Lulu Setiaji, said that all the artifacts on display are genuine items, collected for 30 years from various Middle Eastern countries by a Malaysian archaeologist, Professor Abdul Manan bin Embong. 

Lulu considers the Rindu Rasul Exhibition as an educational opportunity to get to know the Prophet PBUH better, especially for Muslims in Jakarta and nearby towns who spend their time waiting for the iftar (breaking the fast) during Ramadan. 

“The Rindu Rasul exhibition displays the artifacts of Rasulullah PBUH so that we can get to know him better; we can see his turban, clothes, swords, and staff to feel closer to our role models,” said Lulu to the Independent Observer. 

According to Lulu, a few months ago, a similar event was also conducted at the same venue. Many people had requested that the foundation hold the exhibition again because they had missed the first one. Lulu added that many people wanted to see the artifacts of the Prophet Muhammad, PBUH. 

“People grow in respect for the Prophet by directly seeing the artifacts and reliving the history; insha Allah, this will create a different impression,” said Lulu. 


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