Monkeypox confirmed in Indonesia, Health Ministry: no need to panic!

monkeypox. (Illustration)

Jakarta, IO – Health Ministry confirmed that one Indonesian citizen has contracted monkeypox. The patient is a 27-year-old man, with a history of travel to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and France.

Health Ministry spokesperson dr. Mohammad Syahril in his official statement on Monday (22/8) explained that based on the investigation, the patient traveled abroad in July and returned to Jakarta on August 8. He began to show early symptoms of monkeypox on August 11.

After being admitted to a hospital on August 18 and given a PCR test, the results came back positive on August 19. “Currently the patient is in good condition, not seriously ill and developed rashes on his face, palms and feet. He does not need to be hospitalized, just self-isolate,” said dr Syahril.

Dr. Syahril said the public does not need to panic because the transmission and fatality rate of monkeypox were very low compared to Covid-19. As an illustration, there are currently 39,718 confirmed cases of monkeypox worldwide but only 12 people died, or less than 0.001 percent.