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Jakarta, IO – A Kebun Raya, or botanical garden, is a plant conservation garden with a documented collection of living plants intended for scientific research, conservation, display and education. A botanical garden is expected to stimulate love for the environment. Indonesia owns four prominent examples: Bogor, Cibodas, Purwodadi, and Bali Botanical Gardens. 

The four botanical gardens have been operated under the supervision of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) in a public-service partnership with PT. Mitra Natura Raya ( since January 1, 2020. Through the partnership, BRIN can strategically carry out research and plant conservation activities, while takes responsibility for conducting various public services, according to the functions and values of a botanical garden, such as promoting educational and environmental conservation messages to the community, in line with changes in time. has implemented numerous innovations to enhance public services and attract more visitors, despite the pandemic strike in 2020, including strategic partnerships for its facilities and public services. One of the innovations applied in Kebun Raya Bogor is the use of environmentally-friendly transportation facilities to navigate within the botanical gardens, such as shuttle buses, golf cars, and electric bicycles. Garden management also revamped and digitized plant information boards and connected them to websites and apps, as a way to educate visitors about plants. has also created smaller new thematic dioramas within the garden to enhance educational content on biodiversity. More than five thematic gardens have been established in Bogor Botanical Garden, including the Nepenthes Garden, Medicinal Plant Garden, Durian Garden, Coffee Garden, Medicinal Herb Garden, and Banana Garden. Kebun Raya Bogor is also revitalizing the orchid garden and the conservatory glass house at Cibodas Botanical Garden. Apart from the botanical gardens in West Java, new and interesting gardens are also being developed: Purwodadi Botanical Garden and Bali Botanical Garden. 

“Sunset di Kebun” at the botanical garden will organize a music show program to campaign and raise awareness about love and care for nature called “Sunset di Kebun” (Sunset in the Garden), a calming and intimate musical performance held within the Bogor Botanical Gardens. 

“Sunset di Kebun will not only offer the natural beauty of Bogor Botanical Garden but also present several environmentally-friendly programs. With its theme, “Intimate Music Show with Green, Conservation, and Culture Movement,” Sunset di Kebun will be a different form of music show. The audience will be able to seize an intimate moment with their favorite musicians while performing their calming tunes and interacting with the audience during the late afternoon,” said Abi Irawan, Event GM of Kebun Raya. 

“Sunset di Kebun” was first held in May 2022 at Bogor Botanical Garden, with no more than 2000 spectators. The audience size was intentionally limited to create an intimate atmosphere. With its aim to educate and conserve plants, the 2022 Sunset di Kebun highlighted Begonia as the plant hero. Plant Hero is part of the Sunset di Kebun program, aiming to introduce plants to visitors and allow them to understand the importance of plants in life. The plant hero is introduced through plant information boards and showcased to both the audience and the musicians performing on stage. 

The first phase of “Sunset di Kebun” highlighted the Nepenthes plant, also known as “Kantong Semar” or the “Pitcher Plant,” a carnivorous plant with pitchers to trap and capture prey, such as insects or small animals like mice. Sixty percent of Nepenthes species are found in Indonesia, spanning Kalimantan, Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua. The Pitcher Plant is considered an endangered species, one that plays a vital role in maintaining clean air in natural environments. 

The Sunset di Kebun was held three times in 2023 at, respectively, Bali Botanical Garden in July, Purwodadi Botanical Garden in August, and Cibodas Botanical Garden in October. In each “Sunset di Kebun,” a chosen plant hero symbolizes the audience’s love for plants. 

The musicians performing at the Sunset di Kebun serve as conservation ambassadors, to promote nature conservation to visitors. Several musicians have been confirmed to take part in the lineup for the 2024 Sunset di Kebun

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In 2024, Sunset di Kebun will be held eight times (in two phases) across four botanical gardens. The first phase will take place from March to June, with Purwodadi Botanical Garden being the initial location for the event. It will take place on March 2–3, 2024. The second show will be at Bogor Botanical Garden on April 27–28, 2024, followed by Bali Botanical Garden on May 25–26, 2024, and Cibodas Botanical Garden on June 29–30, 2024. Details for the second phase will be announced later. 

Sunset di Kebun is expected to attract more visitors to the Botanical Gardens, and encourage a younger generation to come to and enjoy the gardens, love nature, and actively participate in preserving the Botanical Gardens to safeguard and preserve Indonesia’s floral collections. (des/ast)


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