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Garden Reverie, Nawasana’s Raya collection


Jakarta, IO – The Nawasana fashion brand began production in 2014, by ethnic printing motifs on square scarves. Digital prints of woven motifs from Indonesia’s various regions with a distinctive feature on soft materials attracted many modest fashion enthusiasts. 

Under the leadership of Octaviana as Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director, the business expanded. Traditional Indonesian textile motifs transitioned into patterned shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, and other clothing. 

The brand finally acquired printing machines to streamline the process for greater efficiency, satisfying results and achieving perfect gradient colors and bordered motifs in the design, which marks the Nawasana design line, apart from its soft tones, flowy materials and convenient silhouettes. 

Metro Department Store has been interested in the brand’s design and decided to collaborate in 2016. The various designs, offering diverse market preferences, have boosted sales figures. 


After participating in joint showcases at major fashion events, such as Indonesia Fashion Week (2022) and Balikpapan Fashion Week (2023), Nawasana took the bold step of organizing “Garden Reverie,” its first solo fashion show, on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, at Hall Patiunus, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. 

The “Garden Reverie” show was presented in three segments, with each episode showcasing an interesting story behind it. 

Round 1: Denim 

The denim design started off down the runway. Nawasana blended the denim material with pleated soft chiffon fabric and sheer brocade and laces, resulting in tough and sturdy collar denim yet feminine shirts, with a chiffon touch at the back of the shirt. 

The denim fabric comes in various color gradations, depending on the washing levels, from one-time wash to four-time wash ranging from dark-color denims to bright-color denims. Nawasana offered ten different denim collections, rich in intricate details. 

“We are constantly exploring materials and fabrics to enrich our collections, expand our market and provide new choices for fashion enthusiasts, whether they wear hijab (Islamic headscarves) or non-hijabis,” explained Octaviana. 

The Nawasana style featuring a feminine tone in every line of its design, playing with soft colors, flowy materials, and free-flowing silhouettes.(Source: MUARA BAGDJA TEAM)

Round 2: The Traces of Nawasana 

As a fashion designer, Nawasana expressed its brand’s soul in line with the thin red line embedded in its brand’s concept, which was most awaited by Nawasana’s aficionados. 

Nawasana’s new experimental design and concept are evident in all its twenty collections, such as combining geometric woven patterns with intricately-embroidered organic floral motifs, and embellishing them with various beads and sequins to create a more glamorous and feminine appearance. 

Other fresh Nawasana looks appeared in tiered dress, with layered and voluminous thin, pleated fabric with floral print motifs. 

“This collection is Nawasana’s dream collection as a fashion designer who follows our desire to create, based on our passion without considering market preferences,” Octaviana added. 

Round 3: Garden Reverie 

“Each season, be it spring, summer, fall, or winter, brings forth blossoming floral patterns that reflect beauty. Spring has its pastel colors, as in blooming flowers shining brightly, whereas summer is rich and fiery in color. Fall or autumn brings earthy tones, while winter brings a magical snowy ambiance with whites, grays, and blacks,” Octaviana elaborated, explaining the design process to Nawasana’s team. 

The special collection was created to welcome Eid al-Fitr and anticipate market demands during the festive season. Nawasana is prioritizing comfortable and trendy ready-to-wear deluxe designs for a set suitable for all family members. 

“This collection answers the market demand while still infusing Nawasana’s DNA in each design to exp and our brand’s design enthusiasts,” said Oktaviana. 

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The scattered and rhythmic monograms placed on the garments appear to blend naturally with their floral patterns, softly whispering the brand into the motifs. Several monograms are also printed on the fabric, creating puffed-up motifs like jacquard fabric. 

A floral-patterned dress, paired with a short beaded jacket adds an interesting touch, as do kaftans with pleated details, complemented by turbans, square scarves, or short headscarves. 

Thirty-two vibrant-color pieces from rich collections were showcased in eight family sets, making them worthy selections for the next festive season less than two months from now. (des)


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