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Involving 700 Karawitan artists, Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival to be held at end of August


Jakarta, IO – Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival (YGF) is going to be held again this year, from August 20-26.

YGF project director Ari Wulu said there would be something new this year, from the workshops to the packaging of the activities. This event will be opened with the performance of ‘Gaung Gamelan’ at the Kridosono Stadium on Sunday (20/8).

It would involve 700 musicians from 28 musical groups and will be open to the public and tourists. “Karawitan groups from all over Yogyakarta who are involved in Gaung Gamelan are curated by the Gayam 16 community,” explained Ari.

“All karawitan groups will play two pieces, namely the Ladrang Procession by Sapto Raharjo and the Ladrang Santi Mulya.”

The will also be a cultural discussion to be held on Wednesday (23/8) on the topic of preserving and developing gamelan and other art forms.

It will then be followed by Gamelan Dinner at the Royal Ambarrukmo Hall. Ari said the program was created to unite musicians and connoisseurs of gamelan art.

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At the peak of the event, there will be a Gamelan Concert on August 24-26 August at Plaza Ngasem. It will feature artists from Yogyakarta, Jepara, Cirebon, Pamekasan, Padang, India, Semarang, West Lombok, even Mexico and Malaysia.

The Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival is held as a gathering place for gamelan players and fans from all over the world. This signature event was initiated by artist Sapto Raharjo in 1994. (un)


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