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Jokowi’s feeling comfortable being driven by Prabowo a clear hint of presidential bid support, says observer


Jakarta, IO – Ujang Komarudin, political observer at Al Azhar University Jakarta, believes that President Joko Widodo’s statement that he felt comfortable being driven by Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto is a coded message of his support for Prabowo in the 2024 presidential election.

Ujang’s analysis further indicates that there are no more barriers or limitations regarding Jokowi’s support for Prabowo. In the eyes of Ujang, the word ‘comfortable’ could be interpreted as Jokowi’s desire for Prabowo to become his successor so that he could continue the development programs that Jokowi initiated.

Thus, it is not surprising that Jokowi has given more hints of his support, whether through statements, endorsements, and the intimacy they displayed on a number of occasions. Ujang added that support for Prabowo even came from Jokowi-Gibran volunteers.

“Pak Jokowi’s support for Pak Prabowo is starting to become clearer,” concluded Ujang.

Previously, during a meeting with a number of media editors at the Presidential Palace, Thursday (10/8), Jokowi was asked about his impressions of being driven by Prabowo in the Maung tactical vehicle (rantis) during their joint official visit to PT Pindad, Malang on July 24.

Jokowi then praised Prabowo’s driving ability. “Pak Prabowo is really good at driving, very smooth, so it feels comfortable,” said Jokowi.

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Besides Jokowi, First Lady Iriana and SOE Minister Erick Thohir were also onboard the same vehicle. Erick sat beside Prabowo while Jokowi and Iriana sat on the passenger seats.

Prabowo also drove Jokowi around aboard Maung after both of them attended the Defense Ministry Leadership Meeting in early January.


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