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Indonesian traditional snacks serabi named the most delicious pancake in the world


Jakarta, IO – Various pancakes from Indonesia have been named as one of the ’85 Best Pancakes in the World’ according to Tasteatlas, a travel guide website that often reviews and shares lists of the most delicious foods from various countries.

The most delicious pancakes from Indonesia are serabi (rice flour pancake with coconut milk). Serabi grabs the 23rd spot, while ‘dadar gulung‘ (rolled omelet) was ranked 24th, and ‘kue ape‘ placed 27th.

According to Taste Atlas, serabi is often found on the island of Java, especially Bandung and Solo. It has a savory and sweet versions. Serabi is usually sprinkled with oncom (traditional fermented food made with soybeans), banana and brown sugar.

Meanwhile, dadar gulung is made from rice flour dough mixed with natural coloring in the form of suji leaves or pandan leaves. Apart from giving the cake a bright color, the mixture of the two green leaves also adds to the aroma of the fragrant rolled omelette cake. Rolled omelette fillings are now usually served in a variety of ways. However, the original recipe only contains unti (mixture of grated coconut and palm sugar).

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Kue Ape is a unique snack because the middle is prominent and soft but the edges are thin and crunchy when eaten. It is similar Indian traditional pancake called appam.

The ingredients are simple, consisting of only flour, palm sugar, coconut milk and yeast without any additions. Kue Ape is commonly sold from street vendors to hawker centers. (bp)


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