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Police Investigate Bullying Case at South Tangerang International School


Jakarta, IO – Allegations of bullying occurred at Binus International High School, BSD Serpong, South Tangerang City. The police are still investigating the case which caused the victim to be hospitalized. The involvement of the artist’s children was in the spotlight, per Viva, Mon (19/2).

“For the time being, we have asked for information from the victim. We are still investigating now, please give us time,” said South Tangerang Police spokesperson Wendi Afrianto.

It is known that bullying at the international school was carried out in connection with recruitment for school gangs by senior year students against their junior. The case started to be widely discussed after it went viral on social media showing the picture of the victim lying on hospital bed.

The victim experienced violence on February 2 by being pinned, strangled, tied to a pole, kicked, spat at, and even burned with cigarettes.

On February 13, the victim experienced violence again because he was caught telling his family.  He and his younger brother also received death threat. The perpetrators were revealed to be member of the so-called Geng Tai (GT).

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This gang has been around for a long time and every time it wants to recruit new members, it will carry out violent hazing activities. A number of students are determined to join because they will enjoy some exclusive ‘access’ at the school.

However, to join the gang new recruits must endure physical violence as proof of whether the prospective member is worthy of being part of GT. It is known that the perpetrators have been expelled from school since February 15. (un)


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