Indian Pusarla V.Sindhu fascinated by Ulu Watu Kecak Dance

Indian Pusarla V.Sindhu fascinated by Ulu Watu Kecak Dance
Pusarla V. Sindhu. Photo: PBSI

IO – Badminton players and officials participating in the 2021 Indonesia Badminton Festival enjoyed their stay in Bali, especially by watching the startling Kecak Dance at Ulu Watu, on Bukit peninsula at the southern tip of the island, before competing in the SimInvest Indonesia Open.

The Organizing Committee invited all players, officials, referees and the media to Karang Boma Dance Studio, Pecatu Traditional Village, Ulu Watu, Monday afternoon, November (11/22/2021) to enjoy refreshments and a performance. Kecak Dance, also known as the “Bali Fire Dance”, is among Bali’s most prominent cultural showcases. The Kecak Dance offers a unique, no musical background dance with 70 bare-chested male dancers only chanting and making sounds, swaying their bodies and waving their hands.

All badminton players, officials, and committees staying in the Westin Hotel bubble areas and Kecak dancers were anti-COVID 19-tested and adhered strictly to safety protocols. The dance show was made private and presented without any other public audience, to avoid contact with other people. Both domestic and foreign players were completely entertained by the epic two-hour Hindu-Ramayana inspired dance.

“It was a charming attraction. I like this dance show in particular. It is such an enjoyment to come here for a vacation. It really was refreshing and geared me up for the next game,” smiled Pusarla V Sindhu, a badminton player from India. He took a picture with Hanuman, one of the characters in the dance, and waved goodbye. (rp)