Sunday, October 1, 2023 | 05:49 WIB

Health Ministry readies Robotic Telesurgery to improve health service in remote areas


Jakarta, IO – Health Ministry is currently setting up robotic telesurgery to be fully operational in the next two to three years. Healthy Ministry expert staff for medicine and medical devices resilience Laksono Trisnantoro said the technology is expected to complement efforts to provide equitable health services to remote areas in Indonesia.

“The use of robotic telesurgery is just one of the various measures by the Health Ministry to make health service more accessible in remote parts of Indonesia,” said Laksono, as quoted from the Health Ministry’s website, Saturday (2/7).

Laksono explained that technically robotic telesurgery will work with surgeons. The robot will operate and control the console. This will enable surgeons to perform operations remotely from different hospitals in the country, even overseas.

“As robotic surgery is controlled remotely, the surgeon will not get tired easily as they have ergonomic position. The movement of the robotic instruments is also very flexible; it can move in seven directions hence giving freedom of movement,” he said.


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