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Getting to know Nagreg Station, the highest railway station in Indonesia


Jakarta, IO – Nagreg Station, in Bandung regency, West Java, is a train station that holds many memories. Not only due to its old building, but also its rich historical background.

The are several interesting facts about this station. First, at the altitude of 848 meters above sea level, it is the highest station in Indonesia which is still operational today, reported, Friday (10/3).

Second, it has operated since 1890. That means, it is 133 years old. However, the building still stands strong because it has been renovated several times.

Third, despite its height and age, it is classified as Class III (small) station that only serves local trains that ply the Purwakarta-Bandung-Cibatu-Garut route.

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Interestingly, it is also close to the historical Kendan Stone Site which stands on rocky hills. The ancient site is believed to be the origin of the Kendan Kingdom, one of the early Sundanese Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms. (un)


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