Police reenact assault case involving the son of a tax official

assault case
(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

Jakarta, IO – Metro Jaya Regional Police on Friday (10/3) conducted a re-enactment of assault by Mario Dandy Satriyo, 20, against Cristalino David Ozora, 17, at the Green Permata Residence Complex, Ulujami, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta.

It was interrupted by rain but was resumed at 1.45pm WIB. It garnered the attention of local residents and bystanders who enthusiastically gathered to watch the process. “Today police only presented two suspects, Mario and Shane Lukas. Meanwhile, Mario’s girlfriend Agnes was not presented because of her status as a minor,” said police spokesperson Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko.

Mario was first to appear, followed by Shane Lukas follows. Both of them wore orange detainee vests with their hands cuffed. Mario and Shane looked downcast past the media crew and the watching eyes of the public. A total of 23 scenes were reenacted,” Wisnu explained in more details.

Also seen at the scene was the Rubicon jeep with registration number B-120-DEN. The car was previously used by Mario when he went to confront David. David was assaulted on Monday (20/2) night and suffered severe injuries which left him in a coma.

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Mario and Shane are held at Metro Jaya Police detention center, while Agnes is detained at the juvenile rehabilitation institute (LPKS) for seven days with a possible extension of eight days if deemed necessary by the investigators. (rr)