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Four headless bodies found in Lampung, suspected to be serial murder victims


Jakarta, IO – The discovery of four headless bodies in Lampung is strongly suspected to be victims of serial murder. This indication is based on injuries to the same body parts, namely the head, joints of the hands and feet and being found in the same area.

University of Indonesia (UI) criminologist Adrianus Meliala was of the view that the perpetrator deliberately removed their head and wrists because those areas were ‘self-markers’. This was done to eliminate identity and eliminate traces, per BBC Indonesia, Friday (15/9).

Apart from that, Meliala believes that the police should draw temporary conclusions by looking at the cuts on the victim’s body.  If the wound follows the anatomy of the body very neatly, the perpetrator is assumed to have ‘learned’ or seen the mutilation process.

“And if we look at the signature in terms of the same injuries, disposed of with the same typology, then we can assume the perpetrator is the same person,” said Meliala.

Another criminologist with UI, Josias Simon, suspected that the perpetrator was experienced and had planned the murder meticulously. In addition, all the victims were thrown into the sea.

“This was not a spontaneous act because they were thrown into the sea in the hope that they would never be found,” said Simon.

Meanwhile, Lampung Police spokesperson Umi Fadilah Astutik said that the police have not yet been able to identify the victim’s identity due to missing heads and fingerprints. From a number of families who reported missing, no matching characteristics were found on the four bodies and a DNA examination was needed.

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“We are optimistic about uncovering this case with the help of the community. We urge that if a family member is missing or has not returned home, please contact our hotline or come directly to the South Lampung Police or Tanggamus Police,” said Astutik.

Based on police information, the four headless bodies were male and were found between August and September 2023 at several points on the beach in Lampung. All victims are estimated to be 30-50 years old. (bp)


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