Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 15:10 WIB

Immigration DG issues visas for sports, music, arts to woo foreign tourists


Jakarta, IO – Immigration Directorate General has officially issued sports, music and arts visas aimed at attracting foreign nationals who wish to attend sport, music and art performances.

Immigration Director General Silmy Karim said his agency wanted to seize the momentum from the international scale sports and arts performances that will be held in Indonesia. The visa application can be made online via, per, Friday (15/9).

“Soon, many international events will be held. In October we will have MotoGP, in November we will have Coldplay concert and U-17 World Cup,” said Silmy.

“We are simplifying the visa requirements for sports, music and arts visas so that Indonesia can become a destination for international sports and music events,” he added.

Visa application requirements for foreign athletes and artists will also be simplified. According to him, official sport teams, event organizers or international artist promoters no longer need to attach a number of requirements such as a Police Clearance Letter (SKCK) and proof at least five years of work experience.

Silmy explained that the decision was based on the consideration that foreign athletes and artists only have activities in Indonesia for a short time. Moreover, the context of the work carried out does not have a negative impact on local workers.

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The government had previously evaluated the implementation of visa requirements which it felt were too complex for foreign athletes and artists. With this policy, Silmy hopes that foreign tourists will flock to watch international competitions or music events in Indonesia.

“We are simplifying the requirements so that event organizers will be more interested in holding concerts in Indonesia,” said Silmy. (un)


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