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Tourists are asked to cautious of bluebottle jellyfish on Sanur Beach, Bali


Jakarta, IO – The public and tourists are warned to be alert of bluebottle jellyfish if they want to do activities at Sanur Beach, Denpasar, Bali. Denpasar City Fisheries and Food Security Agency head Ida Bagus Mayun said that the appearance of bluebottle jellyfish is an annual phenomenon, per Kompas, Friday (15/9).

This phenomenon is caused by strong winds from July to September, causing jellyfish that are usually in the sea to be carried by the wind towards the beach.

Ida Bagus appealed to people who swim or do watersports at Sanur Beach to avoid contact with these jellyfish because its sting can cause itching or other symptoms.

The agency and fishermen have worked together to carry out the clean-up activities as well as synergize to monitor the presence of bluebottle jellyfish.

This type of bluebottle jellyfish is also often found in several other waters. One of them is at Parangtritis Beach, Bantul regency, Yogyakarta, where it is known as krawe, leteh or impes. The bluebottle jellyfish or Physalia utriculus has a bubble-like shape, is blue in color, and has long bluish tentacles.

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Bluebottle jellyfish have cnidocytes that can deliver a proteic neurotoxin, which can paralyze small fish. For humans, direct contact with bluebottle jellyfish can cause severe pain and other symptoms.

In fact, its sting can cause a red welt accompanied by moderate to severe swelling and pain that lasts for two or three days. (rr)


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