Ellaya introduces Flowery Retro and Raya Collections


Jakarta, IO – Ellaya, the fashion brand with a passion for highlighting the charm and natural beauty of Indonesian women, is ardent in making every woman confident by wearing attire with unique and colorful visual harmony. Ellaya and 20 other renowned designers participate in the exhibition at Indonesia Fashion Aesthetics (IFA) 2024, featuring fashion shows, awards for designers and entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty industry, charity activities, and fashion exhibitions.

Targeting more than 1,000 visitors from fashion enthusiasts, IFA 2024, which is supported by the Trade Ministry and the Directorate General of National Export Development, aims to provide full support for local fashion business actors to introduce their products to a wider audience and the international market.

Happy Jehan, the founder of Ellaya Official (middle), at the Indonesia Fashion Aesthetics 2024 at Intercontinental Hotel Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Monday (Mar 4). (Source: Special)

Ellaya is proud to join the lineup of famous fashion brands that have been recognized around the world, such as Ivan Gunawan, Ayu Dyah Andari, Wiwiek Hatta, Itang Yunaz, Buttonscarves, Lia Soraya and many others.

“Ellaya is a brand that has confidence and comes with the desire to inspire women to always look beautiful and amazing in their own version. The definition of beauty is not only physical but also full of confidence, achievement and positive thinking. Hopefully, women who wear Ellaya will stand out and be proud of themselves,” said Happy Jehan, the founder of Ellaya Official, who was interviewed by Independent Observer at the Indonesia Fashion Aesthetics 2024 at Intercontinental Hotel Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Monday (Mar 4).

At IFA 2024, Ellaya displayed works of art that characterize the elegance and beauty of design with the Flowery Retro and Raya Collections. The Flowery Retro embodies the elegance of beautiful flowers that can radiate the natural beauty of those who wear them. “Like flowers that bring beauty and comfort, Ellaya arrives through its latest collection with an interpretation and strong passion to grow like a beautiful woman in her era. It illustrates women empowerment values, like an elegant retro floral impression,” explained Jehan.

Meanwhile, for the Raya Collection, Happy Jehan brings the unique accents and characteristics of Happywich, that is, the technique of applying brooches and other intricate details, the brand identity of Ellaya. These details are expected to become a uniqueness that provides distinctive and colorful visual harmonization and differentiates Ellaya from other brands. Ellaya’s latest collection, Ellaya Raya Series 2024, also paves an extraordinary path as it features persons with disabilities, Amanda Farliany and Nina Christina, as its muses.

“Hopefully, Ellaya can be accepted by a wider audience, and its name will come at the top of Indonesian women’s minds, making Ellaya their fashion choice. Ellaya’s target market is not only for Muslim women but wider, for all groups,” said Jehan.

The Ellaya Raya Series is inspired by the beauty and exoticism of Morocco. (Source: Special)

Ellaya Raya Series 2024

As a newcomer to the country’s modest fashion industry, Ellaya has enriched Indonesia’s fashion selections for the upcoming Eid al-Fitr with the Ellaya Raya Series. This collection is inspired by the beauty and exoticism of a country in North Africa, Morocco, whose beautiful cities, such as Rabat, the Red City Marrakech and Casablanca, become inspiration and innovation in design and beautiful fashion creation.

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The Ellaya Raya Series is inspired by the beauty and exoticism of Morocco. (Source: Special)

Through color selections that match the Moroccan cities’ mood and character, the Ellaya collection encourages women to express themselves without limitations. Ellaya started its campaign shoots in Morocco in January of this year. The beauty of Morocco is perfectly captured in Ellaya’s modest fashion. “For now, we focus on modest fashion clothing, instant pashmina hijabs, scarf hijabs, brooches and accessories. Meanwhile, we use silk for the Raya collection, because a Raya moment should have a sweet and elegant touch,” said Jehan.

In the future, Jehan hopes that Ellaya can be a symbol that extends its dedication to invigorating the fashion industry and attracting the local and global attention of the modest fashion industry. (des)