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Police to enforce ban on firecrackers during Ramadhan


Jakarta, IO – The police will take firm action against those who play and sell firecrackers during the holy month of Ramadan. This warning is also issued to educate the public about the potential hazard that can be caused by firecrackers, which are not only loud but can also endanger public safety.

“The use of firecrackers not only disturb people who are worshiping but also has the potential to cause fires, serious injuries and even fatalities,” said Central Java Regional Police spokesperson Commissioner Satake Bayu, per Kompas, Wed (6/3).

Satake also appealed to residents not to hesitate to report to the police if they see someone who breaches the ban. He also explained that the act violates Article 1(1) of Emergency Law 12/1951.

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“Violator faces severe punishment for using or selling explosives without permits, which include firecrackers,” he said.

“Through cooperation and awareness from all elements of society, it is hoped that this year’s Ramadan can be observed in a safe, peaceful and solemn environment,” he added. (rr)


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