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Elisabeth Santoso, a child psychologist – Teacher involvement in developing 5Cs competence


Jakarta, IO – The educational approach known as STEAM-based education, which encompasses the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics, aims to provide children with the cognitive skills necessary for effective thinking. 

STEAM education is intended to stimulate children’s thinking skills by improving their “5Cs”: Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Character. 

The 5C abilities are critical for children to prepare them for the challenges of the twenty-first century and enhance their critical thinking skills to solve problems, enabling them to compete globally. 

The 5C competencies work by building children’s soft skills during the golden years by connecting their intelligence and knowledge with actual roles in their environment. Children need to be exposed to 5C content learning and activities, as they have a lot of initiative to develop themselves. 

According to child psychologist Elisabeth Santoso, the school plays an important role in developing 5C abilities. “One of the important things that schools need to do to develop the first 5C competencies is to prepare teachers to stand as role models for their students,” said Elisabeth at the 5C Competencies in Golden Ages talk show on Sampoerna Academy Grand Pakuwon Surabaya’s grand opening, August 24, 2023. 

Children learn by observing other people, especially teachers and instructors, who frequently interact at school. Not only must the school deliver academic materials, but it must also provide opportunities to practice soft skills. 

The school must allow young students to engage with their peers and teachers and establish a healthy environment in which students can interact. “Providing an opportunity to learn about anti-bullying, tolerance, and empathy towards friends and others with excellent characters and values matters,” Elisabeth stated. 

Parents also hold a pivotal role in developing the 5C competencies in children. Margenie MG, who sends her three children to Sampoerna Academy, said, “Educating children does not solely lie in the school’s responsibility. As today’s parents, it is important to encourage a growth mindset in children. I often discuss many things with my children and listen to their opinions. I also ask them to try new things that might become their passion or hobby,” said Margenie. 

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Sampoerna Academy provides a safe, caring, and collaborative learning environment of the highest quality to support children in building 5C abilities and fulfill worldwide expectations for academic achievement and character development. 

“As teachers at Sampoerna Academy, our job is to help students develop 5C competencies in a fun learning environment, one that they can apply in real life. We always promote students’ academic and non-academic interests. Therefore, parents at home can fully support their children in developing the 5 Cs of competence at home. We are encouraging this to foster a generation of exceptional individuals who can face the future’s diverse challenges,” stated Anushia Senthevadivel, Principal of Sampoerna Academy Surabaya Grand Pakuwon Campus. (rp)


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