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Digestive tract, brain affect endurance


Jakarta, IO – The digestive system plays an important role in optimal child growth and development. Esti Nurwanti, S.Gz, MPH, RD, Ph.D, a nutritionist who is also CEO/Founder of Gizi Nusantara, revealed that 70% of the body’s immune system is influenced by the health of the digestive tract. This implies that with healthy digestion, nutrient absorption is optimal, thus strengthening the body’s immune system. Children must consume nutritious food that supports digestive tract health to fortify the body’s resistance against attacks by viruses and bacteria. 

“Children need complete nutrition to support their growth and development. During the growth period, children’s digestive systems are not yet fully developed, so they are susceptible to digestive disorders. Parents must pay close attention to their children’s digestive health, because the digestive system is ‘a second human brain’, closely related to the body’s immune system. It is important to meet nutritional needs, depending on age, so that children do not get sick easily,” said Esti, at the launch of HealthyWayKids in Jakarta, on Monday (19/2/2024). 

It was revealed that important nutrients for children include protein, carbohydrates, fat, as well as vitamins and minerals. “Make sure your children consume foods that contain vitamins C, D3, E, and zinc. For protein, pay attention to how it is cooked. Don’t fry fish or meat until it’s dry, because that means we’ve lost nutrients including docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is good for children’s intelligence. Minimize sugar intake because it can actually reduce good bacteria or probiotics which are responsible for extracting nutrients in the digestive tract,” she explained. 

Dynamic Needs 

On the same occasion, Wati from PT Tempo Scan Pacific (TSP) pointed out how HealthyWayKids contains FOS Inulin, a source of soluble dietary fiber that comes from the Chicory plant. “FOS Inulin can support the growth of good bacteria in the intestine, to increase endurance. Apart of DHA, the extract of cod liver oil, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), and linoleic acid (LA) can optimize children’s intelligence,” Wati said. 

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Esti said that milk is needed because children do not get sufficient nutrition every day. “Children’s nutritional needs are very dynamic. If at any time we cannot rely on a particular source of protein, add milk, so that the child’s nutrition can be optimized. In contrast to other protein sources, which need to be cooked and thus have the potential to lose nutrients because the process requires high temperatures and so on, milk is easier to prepare because it just needs to be brewed,” she added. 

In the final part, she emphasized that children should be taught to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle, such as washing their hands regularly after activities, maintaining personal hygiene, and getting enough rest, all of which will bolster their resistance to illness. (est)


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