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Densus 88 arrests 6 terrorism suspects in Lampung


Jakarta, IO – Six suspected terrorists from the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) Lampung network were arrested by Police’s Densus 88 Anti-terror squad. Two of them shot dead, reported CNN Indonesia, Friday (14/4).

Densus 88 spokesperson Aswin Siregar revealed that the operation was carried out over two days on Tuesday (11/4) and Wednesday (12/4), in Mesuji and Pringsewu regencies.

Densus 88 first arrested PS alias JA. Further investigation led to the arrest of N alias BA alias SA. The other four — H alias NB, AM, KI alias AS, and ZK — were arrested in Pringsewu regency on Wednesday (13/4) evening.  

Aswin explained that N and ZK were shot dead because they resisted arrest. “Police had to use deadly force against the two suspects because they resisted arrest,” said Aswin.

During the arrest, one member of Densus 88 also suffered a serious gunshot wound to his right thigh. “Currently the policeman is under intensive medical treatment. We pray for his quick recovery,” said Aswin.

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Aswin explained that suspect N has been on police wanted list (DPO) since 2016. The JI leader in Lampung even built an underground chamber used as a workshop to assemble firearms and munition.

Based on investigation, Aswin revealed that the group plans to carry out acts of terror against local law enforcement officials. However, Aswin refused to provide more details about the group’s plan, including the original target. (un)


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