BLBI Task Force secures IDR 9.82 trillion of obligors’ assets in 7 months

Mahfud MD
Coordinating Politics, Legal and Security Minister Mahfud MD. Photo: DOC. SETKAB RI

IO – To accelerate the return of state collection rights, the Task Force for Handling State Collection Rights for the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI Task Force) started off 2022 by conducting a briefing for BLBI Task Force members. The task force consists of the executing team, the working group and the secretariat team from several ministries and institutions with different tasks and functions, Tuesday (1/18/2022).

The briefing was held so that the target to resolve the state collection rights for BLBI funds can be met, which is in line with the purpose of the task force establishment.

Coordinating Politics, Legal and Security Minister Mahfud MD briefed the BLBI Task Force and commended everyone involved in the task force, from the directors to the members who have worked very hard in 2021. “In 2021, the BLBI Task Force has worked and managed to record significant achievements.”

Mahfud added that the BLBI Task Force had shown promising results in 2021. In seven months, the team was able to gain broad public support.

“The strategies and management patterns implemented in 2021 should be enhanced in 2022 in a better and more progressive way,” said Mahfud.

The positive response from the public has to be maintained by handling the ex-BLBI assets more effectively, efficiently and optimally. “I hope the BLBI Task Force can maintain its focus, work faster and optimally with various strategies to restore the state rights amounting to IDR 110.45 trillion,” Mahfud explained.

Director of Legal and Public Relations of the Directorate General of State Assets of the Finance Ministry Tri Wahyuningsih Retno Mulyani said during the seven months of doing its duty until Dec. 31, 2021, the BLBI Task Force had managed to collect money or non-tax state revenues and assets in the form of land worth IDR 9.82 trillion. The figure consists of IDR 317.79 million cash and land assets of 443,970 m2 that have been granted to ministries/agencies, valued at IDR 1.14 trillion.

It also consists of land assets of 13,767,873.35 m2, both in the form of property assets and confiscated credit guarantee assets, with an estimated value of around IDR 8.35 trillion.

The BLBI Task Force’s assignment is relatively short, only until Dec. 31, 2023, and the team has many targets left to achieve. “In the remaining two years, the task force must work faster to return the state collection rights for BLBI funds of IDR 110.45 trillion,” said Tri Wahyuningsih Retno Mulyani.

Thus, BLBI Task Force will take the necessary measures, particularly by synergizing with the ministries and institutions involved in the task force.

The BLBI Task Force will also implement strict measures, such as confiscating other assets, pursuing companies affiliated with the obligors or debtors, and blocking shares and legal entities. It is also possible to pursue it as a criminal act against the obligors or debtors who transferred promised collateral assets. (eka)