Beware, illegal trading robot and money game still rampant

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SWI uncovered seven entities offering fraudulent investments (Source: OJK)

Jakarta, IO – The Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) cautioned the public to remain careful in picking investment offers and digital lending (pinjol).

In April, SWI found seven more entities offering investment without permits and suspended their operations. They comprised two money game businesses, one unlicensed direct sales firm, one forex illegal forex trading robot, one unauthorized cryptocurrency trader and another unspecified entity.

SWI has blocked their sites, websites or applications and filed a report to Police’s Criminal Investigation Bureau. In addition, it also issued summon to influencers who marketed OctaFx illegal brokerage products, namely Ida Bagus Aswin P a.k.a Gus Aswin, the founder of Tubi Indonesia.

“To Gus Aswin, SWI asked him to stop all activities that promote and facilitate OctaFx brokerage because it violated the law,” said SWI chief Tongam L Tobing quoted as per OJK website, Monday (23/5).