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AirAsia BIG’s new point conversion program with Ismaya Lifestyle Members


IO, Jakarta – To encourage Indonesian consumers to travel more, AirAsia BIG creates a partnership with lifestyle company Ismaya Group’s Ismaya Lifestyle Members Program. With this program, Ismaya Lifestyle members can directly exchange their Ismaya points for BIG points. Every 100 Ismaya points that they get from eating, drinking, and celebrating in the more than 100 Ismaya Group restaurants, lounges, and entertainment spots all over Indonesia can be converted into 57 BIG Points using the Madoo app.

To celebrate this new cooperation, AirAsia BIG allocated a total of 1,000,000 BIG Points exclusively for Ismaya Lifestyle members. Members who exchange their points from 5 December 2019 to 4 March 2020 will get double the number of BIG Points. “With the existing varied Ismaya lifestyle outlets connecting a large network of customers, we hope that we can reach more Indonesian consumers and provide them with more opportunities to get more BIG Points faster, and to live a BIG lifestyle,” said Spencer Lee, CEO of AirAsia BIG’s loyalty program operator, BIGLIFE.

Frans Widjaja, Ismaya Group’s Director of Marketing and Innovations, stated that their cooperation with AirAsia BIG provides more interesting opportunities for Ismaya Lifestyle Members Program. “Our motto at Ismaya is “Creating the Good Life”, and traveling for pleasure is part of it. Ismaya Group is expanding its network in Balikpapan, Bandung, Medan, Makassar, and Surabaya. With Madoo’s support and cooperation with AirAsia BIG, our loyal members can use their points by visiting Ismaya shops and restaurants outside of Jakarta, while enjoying their flight when traveling to more than 150 tourist spots around the world served by the AirAsia Group,” he said.

Madoo, the cellular phone app used in this collaborative effort, has a point exchange feature used for supporting the conversion of Ismaya Points to BIG Points. Through this cooperation, AirAsia BIG and Ismaya Lifestyle Members Program can maximize point usage and provide more benefits to the members of both loyalty programs.

Marianne Rumantir, CEO and Co-Founder of Madoo’s publisher,, stated that Madoo was created to connect various existing loyalty programs in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This will strengthen them and increase their value, as they can reach more types of consumers. “Initially, loyalty points can only be obtained and exchanged in a single ecosystem. Now, using Madoo, loyalty points have become much more flexible, as members can freely choose how they can use their points across ecosystems,” she said.


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