Xiaomi introduces Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A to Indonesia

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO. Jakarta – Global technology leader Xiaomi is expanding the lineup of its best seller Redmi cell­phones with Redmi 8 and Redmi 8A. The new series have boosted the most important and features required for modern users. Redmi 8 is the perfect choice for those who need a smartphone for dai­ly needs, while Redmi 8A can be called “everybody’s smartphone”.

Continued increase of smart­phone use intensity for various needs means that more power storage is necessary. Both Red­mi 8 and Redmi 8A are present with massive 5000 mAh batter­ies, suitable for travelers or any­one who needs smartphones with large power capacity that would allow for longer usage time on a single recharge. Xiaomi once again sets the bar for better user experience by introducing USB Type-C supported with 18 W fast charging for the first time at the price segment.

Big Batteries
Redmi 8 Series is a stylish phone suitable for young achiev­ers who want a smartphone that supports their various activities, but still nice to look at, worthy of pride, and help increase con­fidence.

Redmi 8 has a premium glossy surface with three vivid jewel-like color selections: Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, and Onyx Black. “Sap­phire Blue” is inspired by the beau­ty of sapphire, the stone that in an­cient times was believed to cause the sky to turn blue as a reflection of its divine color. “Ruby Red” is inspired by the fiery ruby, a stone long believed to generate positive thoughts and self-confidence. The “Onyx Black” shows a darker, more mysterious and romantic appear­ance. All three have large 6.22-inch HD+ Dot Drop screens.

The Redmi 8A has stylish and premium matte casings with sol­id grip and higher resistance to fingerprint stains. “Ocean Blue” is inspired by the cool beauty of the sea that matches your fash­ionable style. Or you might pre­fer passionate, romantic “Sunset Red”, or the traditional and classy “Midnight Black”.

With a huge capacity 5000 mAh battery that can maintain power for four whole days with casual usage, Redmi 8 Series also supports 18 W fast charging on Type-C port so that you don’t need to charge it often. There is no need for you to carry a heavy power bank everywhere you go. In order to ensure smooth smart­phone performance in daily use, Redmi 8 Series also contains an octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdrag­on™ 439 chipset.