A Jakarta breakfast place that serves delicious coffee

Filled with wood ornaments and bricks, Pison Coffee makes the atmosphere warm and comfortable. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Another store for coffee enthusiasts has opened around the Senopati area in South Jakarta. Pison Coffee, a coffee shop that originated from Bali, has opened a new branch in Jakarta. My first observation was that it did not have not enough park­ing space available, however, they do provide valet parking although no definite base rate is set.

Pison Coffee opens at 8 a.m., so those people who have not had a cup of coffee or breakfast at home, can stop by for a quick cup on the go. Its wooden ornaments and red bricks provide a warm atmosphere. The coffee shop comprises three floors, none too spacious, but it’s comfort­able enough in the first-floor seating area. Fewer seats are available on the second floor, while the third floor is a smoking area with green plants placed all around the room.

The cafe uses sophisticated coffee bar equipment, from the Synesso 3 Groups for espresso creation, Mahl­konig K30 automatic grinder and the Mahlkonig EK43 till the PuqPress Automatic Precision Tamper. The equipment alone is enough to con­vince a person that they are serious about delivering good coffee – and their food is also not be disparaged. Enough said about equipment and decor, now let’s talk about the coffee qualities they promise.

From the available menu, I imme­diately chose a hot cappuccino. The sprinkling of cocoa powder on its sur­face added to its attractiveness. And how did it taste? Delicious! The flavor was strong and the consistency was just right, not too much water. As for the non-coffee drinks on offer, the hot taro latte is well worth a try. It had a lovely balance of flavours, was creamy and not too sweet and all this was combined with the distinctive aroma of taro. The place also offers a range of food choices, from tradition­al comfort foods such as nasi goreng buntu or oxtail fried rice to eggs ben­edict and corn fritters.

Aside from trying the coffee, I also ventured a taste of their red velvet burger and the portion was certain­ly not small. It came with french fries and coleslaw on the side. The brioche was soft and the meat was tasty drip­ping with melted cheese. The French fries were well-flavoured and delicious and not too oily. Although not Pison’s signature dish, their eggs benedict are well worth trying. Firstly, the portion is very large, enough in fact for two to share as they come equipped with large amounts of grilled tomatoes, savoury sautéed mushrooms, and green sal­ad. Unlike Classic eggs benedict which usually come with an English muffin base, Pison uses sourdough bread as an equally delicious replacement. Its creamy hollandaise sauce was light making it a suitable companion to per­fectly cooked runny egg yolks.

Before going to Pison Coffee, please note that it is not open on Mondays. On other days, it is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Overall, I rec­ommend Coffee Pison for those of you who are attached to a morning cup of coffee or anyone simply wanting to enjoy the warm weekend atmosphere of the cafe. (Aldo)